ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As incidents of mass violence devastate communities across the country, Albany County has established a collaborative effort to prevent similar tragedies close to home. The Albany County Threat Assessment Coordination Team held its first meeting last month.

“Share information and share individuals who have ideations to do horrific things, and stop the violence before it occurs,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple explained. He said that the collaborative effort was in the works before COVID, but its establishment was delayed by the pandemic.

AC-TACT allows for streamlined communication among stakeholders across the Capital Region to help identify and prevent threats. “It gets us talking, again, we escape the silos, let’s get rid of the silos, it gets us talking,” Apple said.

Local, state, and federal entities in law enforcement, education, faith, and business are all part of the team. But the sheriff said that community engagement is vital to help the group identify any potential threats.

“We’re not looking to get anyone involved or in trouble with their neighbor, or their sibling or whatever the case may be, we’re looking to save lives and end the violence,” Apple said. Members of the team will go out to the community to help educate people about potential warning signs.

The sheriff says AC-TACT is currently working to address an individual who has allegedly made credible threats against local places of worship, “Has the attention of numerous agencies who are working together to come up with a resolution, by providing the help we need as a prevention.”

To report a threat, you can call (518) 765-2352, or email.