ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — There are five confirmed coronavirus cases in Albany County and 122 individuals under quarantine. Amid reports of fake cures for COVID-19 and price gouging for necessities, officials are urging consumers to dial 2-1-1 to report and track scams.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy announced an initiative with county sheriffs, and the district attorney’s office to promote United Way’s 211 hotline for noting shams and rip-offs.

While we try to tamp down on the panic that exists throughout our communities, those who attempt to exploit that fear as we confront the spread of COVID-19 need to be held accountable.

County Executive McCoy

If you or someone you know observed a price increase for food, or medical supplies, or health care services, report price gouging and fraud by calling 211 or filling out a form online.

New York City: 269 cases, 115 new
Westchester County: 178 cases, 20 new
Nassau County: 79 cases, 28 new
Albany County: 5 cases, 3 new
Dutchess County: 3 cases, 1 new
Erie County: 3 cases
Total: 613 total cases, up 187 from Saturday morning