SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Broadway is officially making it’s return to center stage. Theater officials are expecting full capacity when the curtain rises this fall.

Local theaters and businesses are gearing up for the return of the bright lights.

“I now know the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an ongoing train it’s really light,” said Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors Collaborative.

The prolonged intermission is nearly over. Proctors Collaborative will kick things off in December at full capacity with eight scheduled shows. The Capital Repertory Theatre Capital will open ticket sales this spring for its first performances in its new home in Albany. Tickets for concerts and other events at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs are expected to go on sale by summer.

“It is amazing knowing that along the corridor here in upstate New York, were going to have live theater for this fall and winter. The idea that were doing it together and that we were able to speak out it together, it felt so good,” said Jean Leonard, Chief of Staff of Proctors Collaborative.  

“Proctors is the cornerstone of the community. So now with it coming back people will be going back to dinner before shows, walking around the street and doing a little shopping beforehand,” said Heather Lent, owner of BitterSweet Candy Co.  

Lent said before show goers head into the theater, she has you covered.

“All you need is your little chocolates and snacks. Then you can go see a show and you will be ready to go,” said she.

Nico’s Pizzeria in Schenectady is ready for spectators to stop in for a bite to eat.

“Proctors was a huge help for our business. Everyone always use to come over especially the actors and the cast members. They would come up here, hang out and eat food,” said Zachery Cotworthy, kitchen manager at Nico’s Pizzeria.

As COVID-19 guidelines and ticket sales are still waiting to be announced, proctors said this fall will be a showstopper.

“Having 2,600 other people watching that same thing of whats happening on stage is an amazing feeling. It’s been a long time without that in a live experience,” said Leonard.