KABUL, Afghanistan (NEWS10) — Crowds of Afghans were caught in an attack outside an airport in Kabul as they attempted to leave Afghanistan which has been taken back by the Taliban.

“The situation over here is very bad. So, the people here don’t care about [the danger]. They just want to leave Afghanistan,” said Afghan man Ahamd.  

Ahamd risked his safety to chat with NEWS10 ABC reporter Louis Finley via zoom about Thursday’s explosions. 

“Maybe they can help me. The power of media is bigger than the government,” Ahamd said.  

Ahamd originally contacted NEWS10 in efforts to get help to get out of the country.

“[The Taliban] is going door-to-door and taking them out [of their home], and I don’t feel safe for anybody,” said Ahamd’s friend Shafi.  

Shafi is in the United States working to get Ahamd and his own family out safely.  

Shafi lives in Baltimore. He’s trying to get his family the appropriate paperwork but he said it will do little to help their evacuation.  

“You know, they are in desperation,” Shafi said.  

Ahamd said Thursday’s bloodshed won’t keep people from returning and waiting outside the airport. The threat of living under the rule of the Taliban is much greater.  

Ahamd only has only four days to get out of the country before the U.S. fully exits.  

“My last request for the U.S. is please help us,” Ahamd said.