ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — British horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll once said, “There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming summer.” According to Meteorologist Jill Szwed, today is not that day. Instead, temperatures will take quite the dip, she said.

An autopsy has been conducted on the body pulled from the Mohawk River. Meanwhile, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposal to increase the cigarette tax and ban flavored tobacco is receiving some opposition. Here are five things to know this Friday morning.

1. Autopsy conducted on body pulled from Mohawk River

The body was recovered Wednesday afternoon. The area where it was found has seen numerous searches since November when 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey was reported missing. Results from the autopsy are expected Monday.

2. Some say tobacco flavor ban proposal could impact minorities

The Governor’s proposal to increase the cigarette tax and ban flavored tobacco is receiving some opposition. Some are saying the proposal would disproportionately affect African Americans and other minorities, who smoke menthol cigarettes at higher rates according to a study by the CDC.

3. Plan to lower overtime threshold for farm workers finalized

The final farm labor overtime threshold regulations have officially been adopted, according to the New York State Department of Labor.

4. Albany airport getting $2M in funding

Albany International Airport is set to receive millions of dollars in funding as a part of a new program. The airport will receive $2 million from the Airport Terminal Grant Program.

5. Mayor responds to Saratoga BLM summons

After a City Council meeting was interrupted by BLM activists on February 7, the Saratoga Commissioner of Public Safety Jim Montagnino asked the City Court to issue a summons against the leading activist. Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim said that he “regrets” Montagnino’s actions.