ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Self-proclaimed “raw writer,” Anthony T. Hincks, once said, “The weekend is here, and you deserve a medal for getting through this week.” I certainly agree—especially if you’re able to push through the blustery weather of today. Never fear, though; a springtime warmup is on its way next week.

Residents shared concerns with NEWS10 over the safety of Kenwood Avenue in Bethlehem. Meanwhile, in Albany, we caught up with a few brave DGS workers who stepped up during the Grand Street Fire. Read more, in today’s five things to know.

1. Kenwood Avenue seeing potential changes

The Town of Bethlehem held the first of two public workshops on the Kenwood Avenue traffic calming study. The town project team is including residents in on the matter for their input. Considered mainly as a residential street, Kenwood Avenue is also home to small-scale commercial community services including schools, religious institutions, ballfields, and a rail-trail.

2. Heroic actions by DGS employees save over a dozen in Grand St. fire

Wednesday’s fire on Grand Street in Albany caused 15 people to lose their homes. No one was injured though, thanks to the work of some brave employees at the Department of General Services.

3. New Medicaid pharmacy benefit program, NYRx has started

Under NYRx, pharmacies are now being paid directly for prescriptions of 8 million New Yorkers enrolled in Medicaid.

4. Tom Menas out as Empire head coach

Tom Menas is out as the Albany Empire’s head coach. Co-owner Mike Kwarta confirmed the move to News10 ABC Thursday night. Assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Damon Ware will serve as the team’s interim coach.

5. Appeals court upholds conviction of Catskill murderer

On Thursday, a state appeals court upheld the conviction and sentence of Carlos Graham, of Catskill, in the January 2017 murder of Brandyn Foster. In his 2019 criminal trial, Graham admitted to the slaying, and to hiding Foster’s body under his bedroom floor.