ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Every family has a holiday tradition they hold close. The coaches of UAlbany men’s and women’s basketball—Dwayne Killings and Colleen Mullen—both have young children that they can’t always have an eye on.

So they enlisted some help. Both Killings and Mullen have an Elf on the Shelf in their households to make sure their youngsters are staying on the nice list. They agreed that the best part about the tradition, is the smiles it puts on their kids’ faces.

“Elf on the Shelf is a savior,” Mullen said. “It’s amazing because I can say, you know, Penny’s watching or Silly Frankie is watching. So I keep it basic. I keep it simple. We move the elves and we make sure the children know that the elves are watching.

“They run a tight ship and the elves tell Santa everything,” Mullen said. “And the elves, even if they’re in the other room, they can see. They have magic.”

“My kids go crazy about it so that’s our tradition right now,” Killings said. “I’m not that creative with that stuff, that’s all her. She moves it around and they believe. It’s pretty cool to see the Christmas spirit in that way with my kids.

“Young kids, they show the magic of Christmas all the time and I think it’s awesome,” Killings said. “That’s my favorite part. Just seeing them smile and go crazy about the elf hanging from a window, hanging from a doorknob, and all that stuff. That’s my favorite.”