AVERILL PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — There are multiple definitions online for what exactly a dynasty in sports is. They all revolve around one core element: a team that has exhibited dominance over a long period of time. With nine straight section titles, Averill Park girls basketball certainly qualifies.

So what’s the secret? “I think it’s success builds success,” says head coach Sean Organ.

There are many elements that factor into a nine-peat, but it all starts on one side of the floor the Warriors. “The foundation of that is the way our kids have bought into the defensive end of the game over the last few years,” says Organ. “It’s something that defines our program.”

“We eat sleep and breath defense,” adds senior captain Bailee Lange. “I think without that, we wouldn’t be Averill Park.”

While it’s a team effort both defensively and offensively for Averill Park, every dynasty needs its star. For this group, it’s Suburban Council Player of the Year, Taylor Holohan. “Taylor has been tremendous,” says Organ. “She plays on both sides of the basketball. Offensively she’s got great footwork, she’s long, she’s lanky. She’s got the perimeter game going on for her. She’s able to muscle up and matchup inside as well.”

Holohan and Lange are just two of the core pieces back from last year’s team that won the school’s first state title since 2010. As they look to start their title defense Saturday at Hudson Valley Community College against the winner between Indian River and Franklin Academy, who play Wednesday, their experience is invaluable. “We lost two incredible players with Amelia Wood and Michelina Lombardi, but the positive is we brought just about everyone else back,” says Organ. “The ability to handle that environment and be familiar with it, playing those games out at Hudson Valley, all of that has a big advantage for our players.”

“I think it’s a huge, huge part to be able to say you’ve played in this gym, you’ve won in this gym, you’ve been able to play on the floor with the audience,” adds Holohan. “It’s a different feel, so I think it’s a good thing to have in your back pocket.”

The players are obviously a key part of what makes the Warrior engine run, but they know how grateful they are to come up in the Averill Park program: a true Section 2 dynasty. “I have the two most amazing coaches in, I would say, anywhere,” says Holohan. “It’s such a great program to be a part of and I would not want to be a part of any other program the way we work together and the way we that we lose and win together.”

“Sometimes I picture myself and I wonder if other people that don’t go to Averill Park wish they had the opportunity to go here because when I go on, I know I’m going to forever have the pride of being an Averill Park Warrior,” says Lange. “I know I’m going to come back and support my younger teammates and everything. I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t here.”

Averill Park will play either Indian River or Franklin Academy at HVCC on Saturday at 1:45 PM.