During an Instagram Live session on Saturday, Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard jokingly addressed his ongoing links to the Lakers

Lillard’s future in Portland is somewhat uncertain. Though the team insists its hoping to build a championship contender around him, that stance hasn’t quelled any trade rumors regarding the 32-year-old.

During his Instagram Live, Lillard comically responded to the fans who were urging him to join the Lakers. 

“Where you going this summer? They want me to be like ‘I’m going to the Lakers,’” joked Lillard, while talking to someone nearby, off camera. "I’m going to the Lakers, man. I’m going to the Lakers.”

The comments from Lillard drew plenty of reactions from the Lakers fans, some of whom analyzed his words to an incredible extent. NBA Twitter couldn’t help but enter a frenzy in the aftermath of the Instagram Live, with some fans in Los Angeles finding some newfound confidence their team should it pursue the All-NBA guard. 

While this appears to be nothing more than Lillard just having a laugh, the star guard has sent Lakers’ and NBA Twitter into an uproar.