Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman were seen getting loose with some beach football recently as the trio of Patriots greats linked up in retirement.

In a video posted to Instagram by Gronkowski’s girlfriend Camille Kostek, the retired stars are seen running routes and taking part in a casual pickup game in what was a hilarious recreation of Top Gun: Maverick’s Dogfight football scene.

Amid the action, Brady was tasked with guarding Gronk. 

As one would expect, that was a matchup nightmare for the 45-year-old, who could be seen getting dusted off the line of scrimmage before the video cut to the former tight end scoring a touchdown and holding nothing back with his celebration.  

Unfortunately for Brady, he got lined up in man coverage against one of the most dominant tight ends to ever play in the NFL, and his lack of ball-hawking skills were quickly exposed. Even after a year off from playing football, Gronkowski would be a tough draw for any defensive back in the league—and the seven-time Super Bowl champ witnessed that first-hand.