On Tuesday, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith clarified some comments he made last week when he said he’d be open to bringing Shannon Sharpe on First Take. Sharpe, one-half of FS1’s debate show Undisputed, has reportedly agreed to a buyout with Fox and will leave the show at some point after the NBA Finals have concluded. 

Smith was clear that Sharpe would not be brought on to replace any of ESPN’s talent and that the debate show would continue to be a different assortment of people. Smith named Ryan Clark, Michael Irvin, Mina Kimes, Dan Orlovsky, Marcus Spears and Keyshawn Johnson among others. 

“I welcome Shannon Sharpe to First Take,” Smith said on The Stephen A. Smith Show. “But it would be in the mix of being a part of the family. I like the potpourri of contributors.”  

The ESPN personality added that changing the makeup and formula of the debate show isn’t happening for anyone.