TMZ caught up with ESPN First Take’s newest addition, former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, on the street recently, but then the paparazzi was quickly distracted by an arguably more famous celebrity: Selena Gomez.

A video of the quick interaction went viral on social media Thursday. The video shows the paparazzi beginning to speak with Sharpe, and then they suddenly walk past Sharpe to get footage of Gomez getting in her car. Sharpe can be seen standing on the sidelines of the incident by a wall, which made for quite the amusing scene.

Sharpe spoke out about the viral video on X, formerly known as Twitter, and admitted he didn’t realize it was Gomez in the moment, which makes sense since it all seemed to happen so fast.

“Had I realized it was her. I ABSOLUTELY would’ve asked her 4 a pic,” Sharpe wrote with multiple laughing emojis.

He then clarified that he would still ask Gomez for a photo if they ever run into each other in the future, too.

“I bet IF* I’m ever in the same place as she is again. I’ll get a photo,” Sharpe later tweeted. “Walk right up and say, excuse me. Would you mind taking a photo with me.”

Gomez might be a topic of conversation on Friday’s First Take now after this whole situation.