The new league year is officially underway, which means an initial and significant wave of roster moves—signings and cuts—is complete. The transactions completed to this point provide additional clarity on team needs addressed, or created, and what NFL teams may do in the draft.

Uncertainty remains for some high-profile players, however, as we continue to move closer to the draft.

For example, Aaron Rodgers emerged from his darkness retreat by sharing his intention to play for the Jets, and the two franchises seem intent on making that a reality, but the compensation has yet to be finalized. It’s also yet to be seen what will happen with Lamar Jackson, who was designated with the nonexclusive franchise tag.

Based on what we know now, here’s how the first round could shake out at the end of April.

Note: There are only 31 picks, because the Dolphins have forfeited their first-round pick in 2023.

Scouts are torn on which QB is the better prospect, but our mock draft has a new one going first.

Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch/USA TODAY Network (Stroud); Gary Cosby Jr.-/USA TODAY Sports (Young)