Geno Smith’s Pro Bowl season with the Seahawks was one of the biggest surprises of the NFL season. In his first season as a starter since 2014, the veteran threw for 4,282 and 30 touchdowns, both career highs by far. He also led the league with a 69.8% completion percentage on his way to his first Pro Bowl selection.

Now, Smith enters the offseason as a free agent ready to cash in on his strong season. However, he doesn’t seem interested in testing the market, as he and Seattle are currently talking about an extension.

“We’ve had talks and we're in the process of getting all that settled right now,” Smith said. “It’s looking very good, we think we can get some things done, but obviously those things take time. This is the process that I hate about the NFL because I just want to play football, but it's a business as well, so we've got to take care of business and then we'll get back to the football.”

Smith added that he owes thanks to the organization for sticking with him and allowing him to start for the team after spending the previous two seasons as Russell Wilson’s backup.

“I really wanted to prove those guys right,” he said. “For them to see the work I’ve been putting in, because I have been putting in an immense amount of work behind the scenes, for them to recognize that meant a lot to me.”

The Seahawks quarterback had his best season at the right time, as quarterbacks with his numbers tend to earn lucrative contracts. Seattle, meanwhile, understands that they made the playoffs largely because of Smith after many picked them to finish among the worst teams in the league.