In all likelihood, Aaron Rodgers was doing his best to get Davante Adams to stay with the Packers this time last year. But now, it appears the star wideout is attempting to lure his former quarterback out West and he’s not trying to be subtle about it. 

Adams decided to answer some fan questions Wednesday night on Twitter all the while Rodgers mulls retirement. Mind you, if he does decide to return in 2023, it may not be with the Packers. A fan made the assumption that Rodgers is going to be on the move this summer and decided to ask Adams which neighborhood he will be moving to. 

“Mine,” Adams said in a tweet. 

The All-Pro wide receiver left his MVP quarterback to play with Derek Carr last offseason but it doesn’t look like his former college teammate is staying in Las Vegas. Carr was benched toward the end of the season and on Jan. 12 he posted a goodbye letter to Raiders fans. It’s expected he’ll be traded or released before the ’23 season, leaving the door wide open for Rodgers to be traded to Las Vegas. 

This is only a possibility if Rodgers decides to return for year 19 and only if Green Bay likes the return it would get in a trade. It’s a lot of ifs, but the tandem would be a force in the AFC.