ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany Patroons have been the best team in the TBL for the entire season. But that would be nothing but a memory unless they could beat Shreveport in the winner-take-all, TBL Final, game 3 Thursday night.

Albany put their unbeaten home record on the line in the season’s final game. The Patroons and Mavericks were back and forth in the early going. Anthony Moe knocked down a pair of first-quarter triples to give Albany a 24-23 lead.

Paul Harrison answered by running the break with the soft finish to help put the Mavericks up 28-26 after one. In the second quarter, Trevis Wyche powered his way coast to coast and finished through the foul as the Patroons carried a 59-56 lead into the half.

No one held a lead longer than seven throughout the final moments of the fourth. AJ Mosby delivered a massive three to give the Pats the lead, then BJ Glasford had a tough take to put Albany up 118-113, seemingly sealing it for the Pats. But down two with three seconds left, PJ Meyers knocked down a turnaround jumper at the buzzer. The Armory crowd was in dismay as the game went to overtime, and Paul Harrison just cooked in free basketball.

Shreveport stole the TBL title from Albany with a 137-132 overtime win. Fans weren’t happy with the refs, but Will Brown as always took the high road. “It’s never the officiating’s fault,” Brown said. “You just got to, the way the whistles blown you got to play through it. You’ve got to adjust. I try to tell my guys, let me do all the complaining.”

“You guys just keep competing and you know, we had opportunities,” Brown said. “Plenty of opportunities. You know, we just didn’t make enough plays when it mattered most.”