HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — “I knew I obviously had a good game, I was feeling good about the game, but until I looked at the actual stats on paper, I wasn’t I was like holy,” Hoosick Falls shortstop Jake Sparks said. “Then my friends were calling me like dude what did you just do?”

The Marshall signee balled out in a game against Waterford Halfmoon last week. Sparks produced a historic stat line for a high school baseball game in upstate New York history.

“If you were to tell me I would have had 14 RBIs in a baseball game, I would have told you you’re crazy,” Sparks said. “I think one day I was looking at the state records, and I was like who had 13 RBIs, but I mean I guess it’s possible. I want to see someone get 15 now, that would be special. It’s crazy to think that that could happen.”

Along with 14 RBIs, Sparks hit three home runs, a triple, double, and single. Then to shake things up even more, he pitched a complete game and struck out 15. On the season, he has 45 RBIs, nine bombs and 79 K’s. Head coach Mike Lilac said Sparks is very influential.

“He inspires me as a coach to work hard because he’s working harder than anybody I’ve ever seen,” Lilac said. “I’d like to see a better performance than that the other day. Between his hitting and his pitching putting those two together, I can’t imagine a better game being played in New York State high school.”

The Panthers had an 0-4 start to the season, and since that time they’ve gone 12-4, but the goal for this Panther doesn’t stop at just their record.

“Just make a run-in sectionals. Win every game one game at a time now,” said Sparks. “Everyone’s 0-0 to start sectionals, so seeding really doesn’t really matter because you know you gotta show up and play that day.”