BURNT HILLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you ever watch a Burnt Hills girls lacrosse game, you can find MK Lescault and Ella Blesi competing side-by-side in the midfield. It is something they’ve been doing since they were young.

“Definitely, since we were really little, we clicked on any sport we were playing really, and I think that just being around MK and being around the player she is it makes me a better player and everyone around us,” said Blesy. “So, she’s definitely an impact.”

The childhood friends turned teammates have shown growth over the last few seasons, and the result has been continued support and winning with one another.

“She’s just always been there for me, been literally my biggest fan so it’s always been great to just play with her, practice with her and just win games with her,” said Lescault.

The chemistry and teamwork have led to back-to-back section championships for the Spartans and commitments to college programs. Blesi has committed to Syracuse University and Lescault to Johns Hopkins University.

“She’s so talented,” said Lescault. “She’s never even played on a Lacrosse club team before, which says a lot. It literally took her maybe two months to even get recruited by Syracuse, which is amazing I’ve never even heard of someone being able to get recruited by Syracuse that fast.”

Despite knowing each other for a long time, Blesi still gets stunned by how Lescault approaches the game of Lacrosse.

“I can’t even explain how proud I am of MK,” said Blesi. “She’s been my best friend I’ve always been her biggest fan and just everything she’s ever done, I’m amazed by her every time, and I’m just so proud of her and Hopkins and everything she’s going to do great there, and hopefully we see each other in the tournament.”

In addition to those accolades, Lescault reached the 400-point career mark in the Spartans’ 17-11 win against Niskayuna last month. She credits her hard work and teammates for the accomplishment.

“I don’t think I could’ve gotten to that point without my teammates, and I think that they have been incredible this whole season so far, and without me starting at such a young age with the team that we had it wouldn’t have been possible,” said Lescault.

As this dynamic duo forges ahead, they’re focusing on another section title run before their senior seasons are over.

“I think definitely just our team chemistry, we’ve been working really hard on it all year and I think this is a team we can go for another sectional title with,” said Blesi.

The Spartans youth has made this season somewhat of a learning curve, but Blesi and Lescault are confident in their leadership to propel the team.

“It’s taken us a little while to get to know each other we have a lot of younger girls this year, but they’re all great, they’re fantastic so, it’s awesome working with them every day,” said Lescault.