Schuylerville, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For the Schuylerville seniors, it’s all sports, all the time.

“If we’re not playing sports at school we’re playing sports here in the backyard,” Carson Patrick said.

Patrick, Owen Sherman, and Ryan Dow are just three of a special group of seniors for Schuylerville. Together this year, they’ve reached a football state championship, basketball sectional semifinals, and just won a baseball sectional title.

“We’ve had success in football, we had a lot of success in basketball this year, but the drive we all still have in wanting more is what really surprises me the most,” Dow said.

That drive has been there for a group of athletes that have been playing together since they were five years old.

“When you’re used to playing with one another you get to know everyone’s tendencies and their strengths and weaknesses and you just play around those and try to play with the best team that you can,” Sherman said.

When you spend that much time together across three sports, it’s amazing the bond stays that strong.

“We’re always competitive in practices so there’s always a little trash talk and a little bantering but when we’re all on the field we’re such great friends and so comfortable with each other it makes it real easy to play,” Patrick said.

While the memories made on the field are timeless, the adventures off the field have been just as important for the black horses.

“I think that’s my greatest memories from football, the times from team dinner, we’re playing kan jam, we’re playing spikeball, we’re eating a lot of food,” Patrick said.

“Definitely the bus ride after our game up in Mecina was definitely one of the more interesting bus rides I’ve ever had,” Dow said. “I don’t think we’ve ever consumed more pizza than we have in one sitting than we did on that bus ride.”

Owen and Ryan are headed to RPI to play football while Carson will play baseball at Hudson Valley Community College.

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