Albany, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Thursday night the Siena men’s and women’s basketball teams got to celebrate together one last time as they returned to The Desmond for their first season-ending banquet in three years.

The event hasn’t been held since 2019 due to COVID, but this year both teams got to come together and reminisce. For players like Jackson Stormo, this coming season will be the last go around. But for Margo Peterson, Thursday was the culmination of a college career.

“Yeah I was really excited we were able to do it this year,” Peterson said. “It was sad not being able to the past couple years.

“It’s nice just to have a final goodbye to everyone and just get to thank our coaches and watch some videos and hear everyone speak,” Peterson said. “I’m really excited that we got to get together.”

“It was great seeing all the support that we have, being able to celebrate each other and spend time with my teammates,” Stormo said. “A couple of them we’re coming up on the last time I’m going to be around them but you know it’s really nice to be able to see everybody.”