ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — Like Karl Mofor was in the years before him, Todd Sibley has been a workhorse for the UAlbany offense this season.

The transfer from Pittsburgh has averaged 144 yards on 18 carries per game over his last four games, including seven touchdowns. Head coach Greg Gattuso says having a back that can carry a big workload like Sibley is a huge luxury. “When you get a guy that separates from the pack, you give him the ball,” said Gattuso. “That’s kind of what we’ve had here since I’ve been here. I was talking to NFL scouts about him and I just told them I’m going to run him until he needs a break. The good news is some of our other backs are starting to step up, so hopefully that’s going to carry over and we won’t have to run him as much. I think Sibs, 20 is a good carry number for him. Anything dramatically over that is not good and anything dramatically under that is not good.”

For Sibley, the number of carries doesn’t matter. “I want to do whatever I can to help this team win,” said Sibley. “Whatever I can to help this offense, whatever coach needs me to do. If it’s 20 carries, if it’s 30, if it’s 10 if it’s five, I want to be a good team player and I want to help the guys win.”

The Danes will look to improve to 2-4 this Saturday at 3:30 at home for homecoming against Hampton.