ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the NFL season nears an end, teams and fans have been gearing up for the playoffs. For many, the game begins long before players even take the field- it begins hours before when tailgating festivities kick-off.

Whether you’re jumping through tables in Buffalo or throwing back some brews before the big game in Detroit, we can all agree the tradition of tailgating before football games is both timeless and fun. surveyed 2,000 fans to find out who’s the most fun to kick back with before your favorite teams hit the gridiron.

It may come as little surprise: Bills Mafia is ranked number one in pre-game celebrations. The rambunctious fans average nearly four drinks per tailgate, and the namesake of buffalo wings is ever preserved in their gameday grub.

Behind Buffalo fans are those of the New York Jets, who still consume a staggering number of pre-game beverages. Instead of wings though, their favorite food to throw on the grill in the parking lot is a juicy burger.

Not to be overlooked, the cheese heads in Wisconsin round out the top five- averaging more drinks per game than even the Jets, and noticeably increasing spending in the department. The Packers clinched the number one seed in the NFC on January 3, and gained the home-field advantage in the playoffs, so it’s fair to say Wisconsinites will be no stranger to celebration in the coming weeks.

Sometimes you just want to tailgate for the vibes. So, who’s the most fun bunch to tailgate with? According to an online study, again, it’s the Bills Mafia – I mean, who wouldn’t want to drive their elbow through some plastic?

Whether you think tailgating is the best part of going to an NFL game, or you’re super into analytics and betting on apps like Sportsbook (which is set to launch in New York State by Super Bowl LVI), good times are always in order when you’re surrounded by fellow fans.