NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Jets fans have another thing to celebrate after the return of Zach Wilson. According to a new report from Betway, MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Jets and the New York Giants, ranks as the best stadium to tailgate at before kickoff. The report looks at a wide range of data, including parking prices, food and beverage prices, as well as how many hours the stadium is open before the game to come up with their rankings.

Despite the Jets and Giants sharing a stadium, Jets tailgates edge out their counterpart due to parking prices being lower for their games. MetLife is open five hours before kick-off, with hot dog prices, the price of a branded pack of 14 sausages at a local Walmart, ranking the lowest out of all 32 NFL team locations. The top ten according to the study are as follows-

  1. MetLife Stadium, New York Jets
  2. MetLife Stadium, New York Giants
  3. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta Falcons
  4. Ford Field, Detroit Lions
  5. FedEx Field, Washington Commanders
  6. U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota Vikings
  7. Nissan Stadium, Tennessee Titans
  8. Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Bengals
  9. State Farm Stadium, Arizona Cardinals
  10. Empower Field at Mile High, Denver Broncos

As for the Buffalo Bills, Highmark Stadium at Orchard Park ranks 23 out of the 32 teams, according to Betway. Highmark Stadium is open four hours before kickoff and sees parking prices hovering around $35.