TAMARAC, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Tamarac High School senior Emily Frost has major aspirations for her wrestling career. However, when she set her sights on competing at the next level in her early high school years, few colleges were offering women’s wrestling, so there was no clear next step to take in her journey.

But over the last few years, institutions across the country have slowly begun adopting a women’s wrestling team. One program in particular caught Frost’s eye out of the Big Ten Conference, and it appears to be the right destination to foster her lofty dreams: the University of Iowa.

Frost signed her letter of intent to continue her wrestling career with the Hawkeyes Tuesday morning. She’ll be coached by two-time Olympian Clarissa Chun.

Iowa is the first Division I, “Power Five” school to offer women’s wrestling, and Frost is the first female New York wrestler to commit to the program.

It was the culture Chun and the Hawkeyes have developed in such a short span – the program was incepted in 2021 – that ultimately led to Frost’s decision.

“All the girls that go there, all the girls that have been committing there in the last few years, I’ve been following; and they’re just…very committed to their craft, and I feel like I’m also very committed to my craft,” said Frost. “The vibe that those girls give off, and the coaches, like, that’s the work environment that I want to be in. I want to be in the big leagues; I want to be in the in the Olympics. I wanna go to World’s some day. I have so many goals, and I feel like going to Iowa is going to help me achieve those goals.”