SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (News10) — The last loss Schuylerville suffered came at the hands of Chenango Forks in the 2019 state championship game. Friday night, the two programs will run it back and this time, the Black Horses will be ready.

“I think we were just really young that year and we were surprised just to be in that moment,” said senior Carson Patrick, recounting the 2019 season-ending loss at the Carrier Dome. Head Coach John Bowen agreed the team was perhaps surprised to make it that far, but asserts “that’s not the frame of mind we’re entering into the game with.”

“We’re a lot more well prepared this time around,” said Bowen’s son Zachary, a senior receiver and defensive end, who was on the sideline for Schuylerville’s 38-14 loss at the Carrier Dome in 2019. Chenango Forks will bring the same physical, downhill style that gashed the Black Horses in that game, but there’s no Lucas Scott on this team. The MVP rushed for over 300 yards and three touchdowns in that game.

“Their backfield is a little more dynamic now than I would say it was then,” said John Bowen, who added the lineman still have size that resembles the 2019 champions. But unlike two years ago, Schuylerville is at full strength.

“I think the biggest difference between then and now,” said the head coach, “is the health of our football team that we’re going in there with comparatively to 2019.”

Health, not revenge. Bowen doesn’t believe his team will use that loss as motivation, citing a “new team” that’s “turned the page.” One thing’s certain, though. These Black Horses are not surprised in the slightest to be in a position to chase history.

“We’ve gotten there before, we haven’t won it yet,” said Zachary Bowen. “That’s something we’ve worked for.”

His father added, “This is one that I think the guys know is gonna be, it’s gonna be a knock down drag out. But it’s certainly one that they feel they can be right in there in the fourth quarter.”