QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (News10)-Parents often find themselves wondering what to do with their kid’s used but still “useable” sports gear. If you’re one of those moms and dads, and those items include youth football cleats, here’s one way you can get rid of them and help a good cause all at the same time.

Justin Tully and Camden Rodriguez, both aged 10 and Andrew Sylvia age 7 all love football. The boys play for Queensbury Youth Football. It’s a brand new program started by a group of parents, including Nicole Enny-Tully, Justin’s mom and Hilary Haskell, Camden’s mom. “Queensbury had never had their own Youth program,” said Nicole. “We said we need to make a change.”

They now have 134 players signed up. Some of their players are getting help covering the fees which run between 100 and 175-dollars. The money covers just about everything but cleats. But, kids football cleats can be an expense that some families can’t afford, especially now. Nicole says they just wanted to make sure that their families feel supported, “And want to be able to play even if they can’t afford cleats,” she added.

Nicole knew there had to be folks with used cleats just lying around in their closets. So she came up with an idea. “We put a post on our Facebook page, called the Virtual Cleat Exchange. We just wanted people to post a picture and the size of their cleats that they are able to donate.” Nicole says if someone wants the cleats they can comment on the Facebook page and then set up a meeting.

Hillary says it makes sense for many families, “These kids, they put on a shoe, 10 weeks later they outgrow them and they are brand new. So, this gives kids an opportunity to donate and then borrow a pair.”

For Justin, Andrew and Camden it means that more of their friends can join in the fun. So far they have had 8 pairs of cleats donated, far less than what they hoped for. Nicole is hoping that will change as word gets out about their cleat exchange.

Information on donating: https://www.facebook.com/QueensburyYouthFootball