Schenectady, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Fall ball is in play for Section 2 players thanks to the Monarch Baseball League.

“It’s real fun. After corona messed up a lot of stuff, it was nice to get back out and have some games and not just team practices so it’s real nice,” Kyle Brown, a 2022 centerfielder from Scotia Glenville said.

“We played a little bit this spring and a little this summer, but I think with the whole thing with Covid, I think having this is a really big relief and being able to get here and play with all the guys and all your friends,” Evan Smeltzer, a 2021 pitcher from Watervliet said.

Kyle Brown and Evan Smeltzer play for the Captial Regal Eagles, one of four teams in the Monarch Baseball League run by King Sports. They are two of 54 high school players competing this fall at Central Park in Schenectady, as the league has given players a safe opportunity to showcase their skills against both new and familiar faces.

“A lot of the guys I played summer team with and you know they had the draft and not many guys are on my team, but I think playing against them, even playing against them more than with them, it’s really like more competitive, I think,” Smeltzer said.

“Especially when you’ve got some of your guys and you have a lot of competitiveness between each other,” Smeltzer added.

“There’s a couple on my team, a couple on the other team, not too many but it’s nice to play with people I don’t really know,” Brown said.

No matter where or when or who they play, it’s still a chance for these players to show out among the best in Section 2.

“There’s a little bit of bragging rights there especially when you face your friends that you really are close with and how you do against them,” Smeltzer said.

“It’s pretty fun at the end of the season when you get to brag against them.”