Albany, N.Y. — Kasir “Mazzi” Goldston has signed with Top Rank, just days after signing with manager J. Prince.

Goldston’s father and coach, Tyshaun Goldston, described the promoter and manager tandem as the biggest in the game.

After an extensive amateur career that saw 13 national championships, six medals overseas, and Team USA accolades, it was the payoff Mazzi had been working for.

“I’ve been training for this moment ever since I was a kid,” Kasir Goldston said. “I’ve always dreamed of this moment actually, like literally. So I know I’m going to train hard. The pressure will be there because I’m a pro now, but I think I’ll handle it good.”

“Honestly besides him and my other son being born, this is one of the best moments of my life,” Tyshaun Goldston said. “I mean, its’s life changing.”

Ty said to look out for Mazzi’s pro debut in the next month or two on ESPN.