HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Hudson City School District has decided to cancel the remainder of the varsity football season due to a lack of eligible players. The district made this decision on October 5.

The decision made by the district and athletic department is due to several extenuating circumstances. Active injuries, disciplinary and academic ineligibility, and consideration for the opposing school districts took part in the overall decision to cancel the remaining season.

Superintendent Dr. Lisamarie Spindler states, “We as a district empathize with our courageous scholars who gave their all this season, those who are ready and able to play and their faithful fans.” Many school districts state and nationwide are seeing declines in sports participation, particularly in football with recent health studies.

The district comments on this situation stating, “According to NYSPHSAA regulations, you must have 17 players physically able to play. We fell just short of that number due to the reasons listed in the press statement. We considered multiple options such as calling lowerclassmen up from the 9th grade team, but felt it was in their best safety and interest not to do that. The decision was not made without serious deliberation and consideration amongst our administrative team. The opposing districts we were scheduled to face were understanding of our situation, as well as the national situation with roster depth for high school sports, specifically football. Again, we empathize with all of those affected by the cancellation of the season as we continue our process of searching for ways to preserve the program.”

The district is actively seeking a partnership with other districts that are struggling with roster depth. This would be similar in the way the district merged for its swimming program.