ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Three members of the Albany Empire front office are no longer with the team. Former majority owner Mike Kwarta, team president Matt Woods, and Director of Media Relations Jeff Levack have all left the organization.

Current owner and former NFL player Antonio Brown is now taking over 95 percent of the Empire’s ownership. He bought Kwarta’s 47.5 percent share for one dollar. Brown joined the Empire ownership group in March. The remaining 5 percent is locally owned by the von Schiller family.

Kwarta spoke with News10 on Wednesday about why now was the right time to walk away. “Just a difference of opinions,” said Kwarta. “He [Brown] has a certain way he wants to do things. We have ours. He’s looking at bigger grander plans and stuff like that. At some point, someone’s got to get out of the way. It’s more important to me, the community and for the fans to keep the brand going from what we did. If he can follow that model of sustainability, the team will be here for a long time.”

Another recent departure was former head coach Tom Menas, who left at the beginning of the month. Assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Damon Ware has been serving as the team’s interim coach.

The first game of the Empire’s latest season took place on April 16 against the Orlando Predators.