TACONIC HILLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Amelia Canetto is a dual-sport athlete at Taconic Hills with dual passions.

The senior, who also plays field hockey, set school records for the 100m, 200m, and 400m sprints, along with the 4x400m and 4x800m relays. She competed at states and was hoping to return this spring, but at least she’ll keep running track in college next year at Coastal Carolina. Part of the reason she picked that college is it has a great marine biology program and that’s her other passion… specifically sharks.

“As humans, we don’t really know that much about sharks,” Canetto said, explaining why the animals fascinate her. “For the longest time watching a shark predation, where they attack a seal or something, it was very unknown. Like, there were three or four videos worldwide of that happening. So I think that because they’re so elusive and we don’t know that much about them, I personally want to go out and do my own research and learn more about them just because I think they’re so awesome.”

Canetto has already done some of her own research. Over the past three years with the University at Albany Science Research Program, she tracked shark migration patterns to see if there was a correlation in their body types and locations. She also got her scuba certification while sailing in the Caribbean last summer on a marine biology research trip.