FORT ANN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — What started as a birthday wish for a Fort Ann boy turned into a reality thanks to the hard work of his stepfather.

Wesley Hoag asked for a “Field of Dreams”-style baseball field in his backyard, and Eric Shipley quickly got to work.

“There’s where I’m guessing he got the idea from,” Shipley said. “It’s not as beautiful as that one, but it will be.”

Shipley used equipment from his father-in-law’s IBS Septic company to bring in the big guns. A dump truck, front end loader, and a helping hand from friends and family had a field built in the Shipley’s backyard in a month.

“Yeah, it’s really cool because I can play whenever I want, and I can play with my friends,” Wesley said.

“As long as they like it and he can play on it whenever he wants, I’m happy,” Shipley said.

The field was ready just in time for Wesley’s birthday Sunday, when he and his friends took the diamond for the first time.

“When I saw him here playing Sunday, the joy on their faces running around getting dirty, that’s what did it for me,” Shipley said. “That’s what I did it for.”

With plenty more property out back, the question is: what’s Wesley’s next wish?

“I don’t know, bro, I don’t know,” Wesley said. “Something big, something big.”

“If he wants me to build a football field, we’ll build a football field,” Shipley said. “Hockey rink, whatever he wants, we’ll get it done.”

As the baseball field proved, if he builds it, they will come.