ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — The UAlbany men’s and women’s basketball teams spent last season as nomads. They played home games off campus, and practiced on what used to be a pool, as they waited for the renovations to the new Broadview Center to be complete. Wednesday, they were rewarded for their patience.

The women’s team practiced on the Broadview Center court for the first time, while both teams got their first looks at their new locker-rooms. The men’s team will practice in the Broadview Center next week.

The arena underwent $12 million worth of upgrades, and it shows. It features seating upgrades, a new video board, and a lot more space. The Danes are blown away by the additions. “We’ve been allowed to come in here as the process has been going on but I specifically said I don’t want to see it until it’s fully done,” said senior guard Kayla Cooper. “When I came in here this morning I was so happy. It’s so crazy, it’s really nice.”

The locker-rooms are also completely redone. They feature a lounge area to hang-out or watch film among other additions. “It’s like Christmas morning for the kids,” said head coach of the men’s team, Dwayne Killings. “They walk in and see their name plates, they see the lockers, the uniforms, there’s a bag in there, a coat, some other gear. A great bathroom, a lounge, a great film room space and we haven’t even gotten to the court yet and what’s inside the arena. This is a high level space. I think it’s the best arena inside of our league. It gives us a huge competitive advantage. Now I think the next step is to get this place sold out game in and game out.”

The men take the Broadview Center floor for the first time in game action on November 29th against Boston University. The women will debut at Broadview on December 2nd against Siena.