SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Union athletic director Jim McLaughlin introduced Jon Poppe as Union’s 34th head football coach on Friday. Poppe brings 10 years of Ivy League experience to the Dutchmen program. He spent the past five seasons as the Harvard special teams and secondary coach.

Poppe said his mantra is for this team to fight and discover it’s core beliefs. “Family inspires growth, habits, team,” said Poppe. “Obviously that spells fight, and it’s the will to push back against something, right? To right what’s wrong and that’s how we’re defining that word. I think that encompasses everything in these student athletes’ experiences from a day to day process in terms of core values. As I told them in my interview process, that’s up to them. You know, we’re going to make sure each team has their own set of core values we can rally around, every team is different. So, once I have a chance to sit with these young men, get to know them, establish a leadership council we’ll see what our core values will be for this team.”