VALATIE, NY (NEWS10) — After a dominant 12-0 win over Chenango Valley in the Class B state title game on Saturday, the Ichabod Crane softball team has won three of the last five state titles. But no team has set the bar as high as this year’s group.

When asked if she had ever been a part of a group like this, head coach Tracy Nytransky simply replied, “I have not. I said to somebody the other day, it’s just something that’s kind of unheard of.”

The Riders neared a .500 team batting average, outscoring their opponents 407-13 in 25 games during their unbeaten season. “The thing with this team, one through nine, no one is an easy out,” said Nytransky.

Sophomore Makayla Walsh added, “Our lineup is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s hit after hit after hit after hit.”

It’s the kind of production that makes the life of a freshman pitcher a little easier. Freshman Kari Graziano won both the state semifinal and state final for the Riders. “It’s so awesome when you’re pitching, because you get all those runs up and you can have confidence in the circle,” said Graziano.

They didn’t stop the offensive onslaught in the state tournament, dealing out mercy rules in both the state semifinal, and the state final, a level of dominance they didn’t even foresee. “Today when I went to school, all the teachers were like, ‘I can’t believe you mercy ruled, blah blah blah,'” said senior first baseman Clare Knapp. “It hasn’t settled in yet but it’s really just an insane factor.”

But even though the games were shortened, there was no shortage of emotion. “I’m definitely still in the clouds right now,” said junior shortstop Emma Scheitinger. “I had such a rush of emotions hit me at once”

The team has even joked about entering as a travel team. So what does coach think? “I think we’d do great actually,” said Nytransky. “I’d consider it, maybe if all these guys decide to be together.”

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