GREENWICH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Greenwich has been dominant this year with a record of 9-0, and an average margin of victory of nearly 40 points. A big reason for that? The man under center.

Calm cool and collected. The phrase certainly applies to the Witches’ star quarterback Jesse Kuzmich. “He’s really a humble young man, which helps our team a lot,” says head coach Brandon Linnett.

Kuzmich is so relaxed, his gameday routine calls for a pregame snooze. “Big, big nap guy,” he says. “Big nap pregame, then you just throw the headphones in and your good.”

While Kuzmich catches his Z’s, his dual threat ability keeps opposing defenses up night. His speed, escapability and arm talent has earned him comparisons to one of the MVP contenders in the NFL this season. “Some people think I play like Kyler Murray,” he says. “I’ll take that.”

He’s not just a game changer under center, he’s a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball as well. For proof, look no further than his game sealing strip against Warrensburg in week 5. “It’s just as important as offense,” says Kuzmich. “A lot of the starters on our team play both ways so it’s not just me, it’s everyone that has to have that mentality.”

The Witches won the spring version of the title, but that’s not enough for Kuzmich. He’s looking for the real thing come Saturday. “Been through a lot of ups and downs in all of the different sports I’ve played,” says Kuzmich. “I still haven’t gotten an official sectional championship.”

Greenwich will take on Stillwater in the Class D Super Bowl Saturday at 1:00 PM.

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