ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Bills continue preparing for their playoff matchup with the Ravens this weekend and they’ve already played a major role in the reopening of New York’s COVID-era economy.

During his State of the State address on Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants to use testing to reopen the economy.

The governor once again called the pilot program used at Bills Stadium last week a success, based on early indications.

6,700 fans got into the stadium to see the Bills play the Colts on Saturday. They were all tested two to three days prior. A similar process will play out this week for the divisional round matchup against the Ravens.

The governor announced that he wants to use widespread testing to reopen COVID-safe office buildings and to bring back cultural events. “We will go to performances and we will applaud like never before. But I will always be straight forward with you. None of what I have outlined today will be easy. We’ve all dreamed about turning back the calendar to pre-COVID days. But frankly, we shouldn’t want to simply go back to January 2020. We must adapt,” he said.

The governor said the state would work to open additional rapid testing sites to make this happen.

The testing in Lot 4 of the Bills stadium for this weekend’s game started at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. Fans are required to preregister and have an appointment to get tested, a change from the way they did things last week.