ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Before games and during the national anthem, athletes have done different kinds of demonstrations to bring attention to social injustice in our country.

It was unclear what the Bills would do, if anything but during the week they made it clear they would stick together as a team and before the season opener against the Jets, they did just that.

Both teams stayed in the locker room for the national anthem.

“It was a team decision and something that we spoke about back in training camp. We came together as a team and we felt like for us we were going to stay in the locker room as a team because it symbolizes unity,” Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes said after the game.

And the Bills aren’t just speaking out about social injustice but also putting those words into actions. For week one, the team is providing more than 4,500 students and teachers in the city of Buffalo with internet services for the upcoming school year.

“I’m glad and proud of two things. Number one that we’re doing what we decided as a team and we’re sticking together on that and then number two is the action that has taken place. I’m really proud of what our guys have set out to do in the community to make positive change hopefully in our community,” Bills head coach Sean McDermott said after the game.

“We were able to come together, come to that decision as a group of men and we felt like that was the best decision for us because we could focus more so on a solution and how to get things going. For us our focal point mainly is how the kids we can get internet and we’re just gonna keep moving forward as far as having some type of solution,” Hughes explained.