SAN DIEGO, C.A. (NEWS10) — The baseball world has flocked to San Diego this week for MLB’s winter meetings. Among them for the first time as a big league skipper is Bethlehem graduate Matt Quatraro.

The Kansas City Royals hired Quatraro as their manager at the end of October. The Bethlehem graduate had been the bench coach for Tampa Bay since 2019 after serving as their third base coach a year prior. He was also an assistant at UAlbany along his baseball journey. The moment he got the call, and got the job, is a memory he won’t soon forget. “I guess the best word for it is surreal. I had a good feeling I was going to be offered the Royals job but you never know,” said Quatraro. “The waiting gets a little anxious but then to finally get that call was rewarding but, also pretty surreal.”

Despite a last place finish in the AL West, there’s plenty for Quatraro to be excited about in Kansas City. “There’s a lot of things I like about it,” said Quatraro. “It’s a very family friendly organization. It’s a very tight knit group of people with a lot of continuity over the years, and it’s a group of young, talented players. Above all we’re trying to win games and to start with the talent base that we have, although inexperienced, they’re talented.”

To add to the local ties, Quatraro and the Royals added Clifton Park’s Brian Sweeney as their pitching coach last week.