ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (NEWS10) — Siena’s stay in Atlantic City was short-lived, but there was one special Saint who made his first-ever trip to Atlantic City. If you haven’t already, meet Baloo: a very good boy, and the first live mascot for the Siena Saints.

“We walk into establishments on campus and everyone in unison is just like, ‘Baloo!'” said Charles Anthony Rice, Baloo’s owner and handler. Already a budding celebrity at Siena games this season, Baloo’s stardom exploded as he hit the boardwalk

“Just being at the tournament I think has been a great experience for him just seeing him meet some different people even beyond the Siena family how they’ve gravitated to him and just the love they’ve shown him as well,” Rice said.

The sand was something new for Baloo, an upstate pup. “He got to run around on the beach a little bit yesterday,” Rice said. “So this is the first time he’s actually been on the beach so he enjoyed that.”

Rice’s family already had the two year old saint bernard, and was inspired by other live mascots like Butler Blue to see if Siena wanted a good boy at games. “I actually didn’t think I would hear anything back and the next day I got an email from their marketing and communications department like we would love it,” Rice said. “We met with them for the first time and they fell in love with Baloo and the rest is history at this point.”

Baloo made his debut for the Saints in January and was an instant fan-favorite. “There are a lot of people that say they’re just here for Baloo anyway,” Rice said. “So there are people who come down and spend the entire game with us for the most part and just hanging out and loving on him.”

So how did this doggo get his name? “We are big Disney fans so Baloo actually means bear, and so we named him after Baloo from the Jungle Book,” Rice said.

Can’t get enough of this lovable pup? You can follow him on Instagram @thesaintbaloo.