AMSTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) — Just like last season, quarter points have once again wreaked havoc on the Class A Capital Division in the final week of the season.

With Amsterdam beating La Salle 41-14 and Troy beating Columbia 21-14 in overtime, a three way tie was created between the Rugged Rams, the Cadets, and the Flying Horses. When each team is 1-1 against the other two opponents in a three way tie, the tie-breaker is quarter points.

Throughout the season you get one quarter point for each of the first three quarters you have the lead, and half a point if the score is tied. You get four points for a win. Amsterdam head coach John Homich tells News10 that La Salle maintains the edge over the Rugged Rams in quarter points, and therefore will advance to the playoffs as the second seed out of the Capital Division.