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Which pool-table cover is best?

A pool table is a sophisticated and entertaining addition to any home, but it certainly is an investment. While they provide endless amusement for people of all ages, they can also create a lot of stress for owners who know how much they cost and wish to maintain their condition. A pool-table cover can extend the life span and quality of your pool table.

If you’re hoping to keep your pool table in pristine shape using the best cover, consider the CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Pool Table Cover for an 8-Foot Table

What to know before you buy a pool-table cover

Spill protection

Pool tables are expensive. There’s no point in hiding that. They’re also sensitive and get damaged far too easily during rowdy parties or due to neglect. Rather than paying for expensive repairs or refusing to let anyone near your table since you’re afraid of drink spills, wrap your pool table with a classy cover. A protective pool-table cover will keep moisture and spills from damaging the wood or felt of your table. You can let the kids play and houseguests roam without worrying about maintaining your pool table’s condition.

Dust protection

While hopefully, your pool table gets a lot of use, the truth is that it will spend a lot of time unoccupied. Hours of neglect can lead to dust settling. While a little bit of dust won’t do any harm, over time it can lead to troublesome build-up. This can stain the table’s felt and even cause bumps or rivets, negatively impacting the billiards playing experience. As dust builds up, it will cause the balls to move slower. A pool-table cover will keep your pool table safe from collecting dust.

Prevent fading

If your pool table is in a windowless room, then you don’t need to worry about this detail. Unfortunately, if it’s near a door or windows, then sunlight can eventually cause a bleaching effect. The felt will fade and wear down as the years go by. A pool-table cover will help the color last longer.

What to look for in a quality pool-table cover


Pool-table covers come in different shapes and sizes. Some only work for round-cornered tables while others are best for short tables, and so on. Measure your pool table precisely and carefully examine the pool-table cover description before purchasing. You don’t want to settle for a pool-table cover that doesn’t properly fit your table. The standard pool table is 8 feet, so typically you want something at least that long. 

Durable material

Most pool-table covers are made of fake leather, such as Naugahyde. This tends to be durable and reliable, keeping your table cool and dry without causing any problems. Make sure whatever material you choose for your pool-table cover is durable and water-resistant. Since pool tables are usually made of wood and felt, the cover needs to be able to withstand the natural humidity level of the table. 

Cleaning ease

The best pool-table covers are easy to clean in case of a spill. Whether you want to quickly wipe off the dust or scrub off a drink stain, you’ll appreciate having something simple to clean.


Pool tables provide a certain amount of panache to a room. While you certainly can choose a bright, colorful pool-table cover, you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of the room. Dark, natural tones are typically preferred in a pool-table cover to keep the room looking nice.

How much you can expect to spend on a pool-table cover

Pool-table covers can cost $20-$200.

Pool-table cover FAQ

Can you clean a pool-table cover?

A. Yes, but check the care instructions of your pool-table cover so you know what’s safe. It’s helpful to clean your pool-table cover every month or so to keep it dust-free but be careful with cleaners or detergents. Keeping your pool-table cover clean will reduce the amount of dust or debris that falls onto your table when removed but some products could damage it.

How soon will you need to replace your pool-table cover?

A. This depends on many factors, including how often your pool table is used, the environment it’s in, how many spills your pool-table cover absorbs and how much it’s exposed to sunlight. Anytime your pool-table cover feels bristly or flaky, you may want to replace it. A well-maintained cover should last years before this happens.

What’s the best pool-table cover to buy?

Top pool-table cover

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Pool Table Cover for 8-Feet Table

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Pool Table Cover for 8-Feet Table

What you need to know: This heavy-duty pool-table cover will keep your pool table safe from even the busiest areas in your home. 

What you’ll love: Protect your pool table from bumps, scratches, dust and spills with this heavy-duty cover. Enjoy the selection of earthy colors, including black, brown, green and wine. Your man cave will remain confident while your pool table is spared damage. 

What you should consider: Even when fully spread, this cover tends to have stubborn fold lines. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pool-table cover for the money

Iszy Billiards Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Billiard Table Cover

Iszy Billiards Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Billiard Table Cover

What you need to know: If you want an affordable pool-table cover featuring an easygoing material, this leather lookalike will add class and protection. 

What you’ll love: This pool-table cover comes in a variety of colors and sizes to help you find your ideal product. The “leatherette” vinyl material will keep your table safe from moisture and spills. Heavy-duty and sophisticated, you can rest easy that your pool table is safe under this cover.

What you should consider: This pool-table cover is best for tables with rounded corners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hathaway 8-foot Fitted Pool Table Cover

Hathaway 8-foot Fitted Pool Table Cover

What you need to know: Fitting most 8-foot pool tables, this prized pool-table cover will make your game room appear even more high-class. 

What you’ll love: Synthetic leather and a soft, cotton lining ensure your table is protected while looking fancy. Guarantee a clean playing surface and an extended life span for your pool table when you stay consistent with this cover. Double-stitched, reinforced seams ensure optimal durability.

What you should consider: It may take a while to get the fold lines out of this pool-table cover.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

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