MENANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A puppy with severe injuries was taken to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) on Thursday. Apparently, the pup was abused over an extended period of time due to the fractures and bruising shown to be in different stages of healing.

Given the name Asha by MHHS, she was initially found by Schenectady police, unable to walk or stand alone. Asha will require intensive recovery, but she is in stable condition.

According to MHHS, the Schenectady police are currently investigating the puppy abuse. There are person(s) of interest. Schenectady police say it is providing $1,000 towards the necessary veterinary care Asha received.

“We condemn animal cruelty,” said Lieutenant Mike Dalton of the Schenectady police. “We investigate and prosecute these cases to hold all abusers responsible.”

The MHHS said that animals do not have their own voice when it comes to animal cruelty. “They rely on us to be their voice in times of crisis. If you witness or hear something, do not ignore it. Take action. Write down any details and contact local law enforcement or MHHS for help.”

Anyone who would like to support Asha or the dozens of other pets like her are encouraged to reach out to the MHHS. Abused animals usually require comprehensive care.

Sleepy Asha.