Which magnetic name tags are best?

The best magnetic name tags can make any party or event a little less intimidating, especially for those new to a group or who aren’t great at memorizing names. And depending on your specific needs, you can probably find a pack of magnetized badges that you can use for years to come — as long as you know what you’re looking for.

If you aren’t quite sure, this All Quality Magnetic Name Tags 25-Pack is a great pick with enough name tags to accommodate the needs of most buyers.

What to know before you buy magnetic name tags


It’s important to first consider your needs when buying magnetic name tags, as different models may be better or worse at fulfilling them and you may be able to save money by knowing what you need. For example, some will simply buy neodymium magnets and adhere them to name tags that aren’t normally magnetized. Still, others may not prefer to take the extra steps and may want to purchase magnetic name tags that are already put together.


The size of magnetic name tags can vary a little bit, and if the size is important to you, you’ll want to be sure to read the dimensions on each product listing. Most magnetic name tags tend to be between 1 to 3 inches long, usually measuring 1 to 2 inches thick.


Determining how many magnetic name tags you need will help you narrow down the options, especially since it’s one of the main factors separating different models from each other. Most magnetic name tags will come in a pack of at least 10, though you can find them ranging from individual magnetic name tags to bulk name tag packs of as many as 150 units.

What to look for in quality magnetic name tags

Strong magnet

As for anything with a magnetic use, you want your magnetized name tags to include a strong enough magnet to keep you from having to fix it every few minutes. Most magnetic name tags come with two to three neodymium magnets, but those concerned about strength may look for models with three or more magnets included.


Along with having strong magnets, getting name tags that are light and aren’t too bulky will help make sure they work well no matter how you use them. Finding magnetic name tags that are smaller in size is a good way to ensure they’re lightweight, or you can also choose materials that are light, like plastic, as one example.


While it isn’t a necessity, getting magnetic name tags that can be customized may also be a priority. Some name tags include a slot in which you can slide paper or a label, while others may simply come with labels for users to write on. Still, others can also be ordered with engravings or other visual elements precut into them.

How much you can expect to spend on magnetic name tags

In general, the kind you elect to buy may influence the price of magnetic name tags. You can usually expect magnetic name tags to cost between $7-$25 for packs of 10 to 24 magnetized badges, with other bulk models offering up to 120 units for around $50.

Magnetic name tags FAQ

Do magnetic name tags work well?

A. As far as displaying names in a simple way, magnetic name tags do work very well. However, if you get a name tag that has missing or low-quality magnets, it may be harder to keep the badge on your shirt while wearing it.

Are magnetic name tags available for purchase in bulk?

A. Magnetic name tags are available to purchase in bulk. Most magnetic name tags will come in bulk, except for custom-engraved magnetic name tags or other decorative models that may be sold individually.

What are the best magnetic name tags to buy?

Top magnetic name tag

All Quality 25-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags and Badge Blanks

All Quality 25-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags and Badge Blanks

What you need to know: This straightforward pack of magnetic name tags comes in a pack of 25 badges, each with two strong magnets that make these easy to wear.

What you’ll love: This listing is for magnetic badges that measure 1 inch by 3 inches, though you can also buy them in a thicker inch and a half configuration. These magnetic name tags are also available in white, black, blue or brushed gold finishes.

What you should consider: The magnets on these name tags didn’t work very well when wet for some buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top magnetic name tag for the money

GREATMAG 60-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags with Three Magnets

GREATMAG 60-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags with Three Magnets

What you need to know: Those that need several name badges in a single, affordable purchase will appreciate this pack of 60 magnetic name tags, each with three strong magnets.

What you’ll love: This bundle’s price makes it worthwhile for most buyers hosting large events or needing as many as 60 name tags. Measuring about half an inch thick and a little under 2 inches long, these magnetic name tags can be used for several different needs.

What you should consider: The magnets on these magnetic name tags aren’t as sturdy as those on some other models, and they can sometimes pop out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

WUKONG 10-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags with Printable Badge Labels

WUKONG 10-Pack of Magnetic Name Tags with Printable Badge Labels

What you need to know: This bundle features a smaller pack of just 10 magnetic name labels, and they feature a sleek, clear plastic front to make customizing badges even easier.

What you’ll love: Coming at a cheaper overall price than most magnetic name tags, these feature a simple printable badge label and a clear front for displaying your chosen badge design. The label area of the name tag measures a little over one inch by about three inches.

What you should consider: Buyers have to assemble these magnetic name tags with the clear front using the included 3M adhesive strip.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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