ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Homeownership is a common ambition for many Americans, but there are a number of economic and social factors that can affect the chance of obtaining property. Family structure and gender are factors.

Combined financial resources make it more likely for married couples to secure a home. It’s different for singles, who may see gaps in homeownership rates according to gender.

Here in the Capital Region, United States Census Bureau analysis found that the homeownership rate among single females is 48 percent, compared to 46 percent for single men. The national rate is 54 to 48 percent, respectively.

Despite women earning around 84 cents on the US dollar compared to men, women are more likely than men to make yields when saving for a home. Recent research from the National Association of Realtors found that single women buyers were more likely to report scaling back on spending for non-essential goods, entertainment, clothes and travel, which underlines how important homeownership is to them.

Moreover, according to Fannie Mae, women have been found to be more risk reluctant, and housing is widely considered to be a “safe” investment. Regardless, the median self-reported home price for single women and men households is the same at $175,000, reports the Census Bureau.

To determine the locations with the widest gender homeownership gaps, researchers at Porch, a home service platform, determined the percentage point difference between the single women and men homeownership rate. For the goals of the study, single men and women were held to those 18 years and older, not currently married (divorced, widowed and separated were considered single), and without children living in the same household.

Here is the rundown of data for the Capital Region area (percentage points):

  • Woman homeownership gap: 2.03
  • Single women homeownership rate: 48.14
  • Single men homeownership rate: 46.11
  • Median property value for single women: $180,000
  • Median property value for single men: $178,000

Here are the numbers for the US:

  • Woman homeownership gap: 5.66
  • Single women homeownership rate: 54.04
  • Single men homeownership rate: 48.39
  • Median property value for single women: $175,000
  • Median property value for single men: $175,000