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Which TCL TV is best?

If you’re shopping for a new TV, it’s natural to want to go with the best-looking one. However, you want to ensure you get a high-quality TV and the features you want.

TCL probably isn’t the first brand that pops into your head when thinking about smart TVs, but it offers models with a high-quality image and premium features. For example, the TCL 85-Inch Class 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV is a big-screen TV with dazzling visuals, vibrant colors and a user-friendly interface.

What to know before you buy a TCL TV

Screen size

The size of your new TV should correspond to the room you’re planning on placing it in and the space you have to work with.

For example, a TV with a smaller display of 27 to 37 inches is ideal for kitchens and small-to-medium-sized bedrooms. Any TV 37 to 55 inches is suitable for a primary bedroom, a family room or a basement. If you want a full-fledged home theater or entertainment hub, you’ll need ample room since TVs over 55 inches take up a lot of space.

A big-screen TV can be a worthwhile investment if you have a basement or a large living room where you can ensure there would be a significant distance between yourself and the TV for a comfortable viewing experience.


4K TVs are the most popular, and for a good reason. 4K TVs look excellent when streaming ultra high-definition content. However, they’re usually more expensive than full high-definition and quad high-definition.

Full HD and Quad HD TVs look excellent, and although the clarity isn’t as crisp as an Ultra HD TV, they reproduce vibrant colors and deep contrast, and some users can’t even tell the difference.


TCL TVs are categorized into one of four Series groups.

  • Series 3 TVs are usually 32 to 40 inches wide and have an integrated Roku platform.
  • Series 4 TVs range from 43 to 75 inches and have Roku or Android operating software.
  • Series 5 TVs usually have HDR and Dolby Visual technology to reproduce a high-quality image and improved contrast.
  • Series 6 TVs are the newest and use quantum light-emitting diode displays to deliver a 4K ultra high-definition resolution.

What to look for in a quality TCL TV

Refresh rate

Refresh rate refers to how often a display loads and refreshes the frame. Most TVs have a standard refresh rate of 60 hertz, but if you want a smooth gaming experience or watch HD sports, look for a TV with at least a 120-hertz refresh rate.

Roku and Android TV interface

Most TCL smart TVs have a built-in Roku or Android TV interface. Roku is easier to use and more user-friendly than Android TV, but both give users access to thousands of streaming apps where they can listen to music and watch live TV and movies. Less tech-savvy users are more likely to enjoy a Roku smart TV, but Android TV is more versatile and lets users download and install third-party apps.

High-dynamic range

HDR technology tweaks a TV’s displays to provide better contrast during bright or dark scenes in movies or games. It boosts brightness, makes colors more vibrant, and delivers improved picture quality. HDR10 is an improvement of the base HDR and offers even more clarity.

How much you can expect to spend on a TCL TV

The cost of any TV depends primarily on its size and resolution. TVs under 50 inches can cost anywhere between $200-$1,000. However, for TVs between 50 to 85 inches, you can expect to pay $1,000-$2,000.


Are TCL TVs as reliable as those offered by top brands?

A. Although TCL TVs aren’t as well-built or feature-packed as TVs by top brands such as Samsung and LG, they offer a high-quality image, are excellent for casual TV-watching and are more affordable.

Do TCL TVs support HDR10+?

A. No, most TCL TVs only support HDR and HDR10 technology.

What’s the best TCL TV to buy?


Best TCL 85-Inch Class 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL 85-Inch Class 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV

What you need to know: This big-screen TV looks fantastic and is perfect as the central piece for a home theater or entertainment hub setup.

What you’ll love: This QLED TV uses Dolby Vision and HDR10 to deliver stunning visuals and lets you use voice commands. The contrast is individually optimized for a high-quality image, and the THX Game Mode reduces input lag and increases the response time for a smooth gaming experience.

What you should consider: It’s a large TV, so it might not be suitable for some rooms in your home. Also, the image quality during dark scenes can be mediocre.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top TCL TV for the money

Best TCL 43-Inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV

TCL 43-Inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV

What you need to know: This TV offers excellent value for its size and access to the top music and TV streaming apps.

What you’ll love: This TV has a sleek, modern design, supports HDR, and displays vivid colors for a high-quality picture. The interface is super fast, users can browse through Google Photos and it has a built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant for launching apps, movies and other functions.

What you should consider: The virtual remote control from the Google Home app can only adjust the volume, and some users reported having trouble getting some preloaded apps to work.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best TCL 65-Inch 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL 65-Inch 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV

What you need to know: This TV offers stunning clarity and is excellent for basement home theater setups.

What you’ll love: It has a built-in Roku interface for downloading and launching music and TV streaming apps, and the image contrast is optimized across localized zones for improved depth. It supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, and has a broad color spectrum for a vivid and immersive picture.

What you should consider: There’s no built-in Bluetooth, and the color temperature can’t be adjusted. Also, some customers complained about it randomly rebooting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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