ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As people remember the 20th year since the 9/11 terror attacks, efforts to preserve the items which display the heroism from that day are on display at the New York State Museum.

“It’s really important that my kids understand something that happened in their country even before they were born,” said Burnt Hills mom Aubrey Lovelace.

Lovelace and her family are some of the hundreds of people who are taking a moment to reflect on the heroism during the attacks by walking through the museum ahead of Saturday’s day of remembrance.  

“We emphasize history a lot [at home] because [we] see that history repeats itself for those who don’t understand it,” Lovelace said.

The museum’s working to preserve the history of 9/11 so future generations can understand the impact of that fateful day.  

“It’s been 20 years now since this has happened. This is a generation of people who either weren’t born or were too young to remember it,” said Museum Director Mark Schaming. 

Schaming worked with the FBI to gather items from Ground Zero that were moved to the Fresh Kills in Staten Island. The items were cleared to take by the agency. Personal belongings of victims are not on display at the museum.  

“We thought we’d see fields of recognizable things. There were about 175 acres of absolutely destroyed material,” Schaming said.

Schaming said the 20th remembrance of September 11 is no less important than the years that preceded it.  

While the skyline and the world have changed, Schaming said he is grateful to keep the history alive of what once stood so something like this never happens again. 

“Each year people come by and leave [flowers and flags] in the gallery. And we place them [in the exhibit] just out of respect. They appreciate people are still sort of showing sympathy,” Schaming said.