ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Dr. Myra Mabry, 50, of Catskill received a 54-month prison sentence and three years of supervised release on Friday for her role in a plot involving drugs, identity theft, and health care fraud.

According to her August plea deal, the OB-GYN sought to distribute highly addictive drugs and defrauded health insurers by impersonating her patients, and for trying to interfere with investigations into her criminal activities.

Mabry surrendered her license to practice medicine in the state after pleading, and can no longer prescribe controlled substances.

From 2015 to 2017, Mabry says she wrote bogus prescriptions for painkillers to third parties, and directed co-conspirator Sarah Brown to fill the prescriptions by impersonating the recipients, whose health care providers would pay.

Mabry’s disgraceful conduct demonstrates that she has no business practicing medicine. She betrayed her patients, violated her Hippocratic Oath, and orchestrated an elaborate scheme to avoid accountability for her crimes by bribing someone else to take the fall for her.

Attorney Grant C. Jaquith

Mabry also fessed up to telling Brown to lie to a grand jury about an extortion threat aimed at Mabry. Mabry also told Brown she would pay her to give false testimony.

Brown, 42, of Akra pleaded guilty to the conspiracy in September. She will be sentenced on Thursday.