SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — To mark Black History Month, this family-friendly treasure hunt in Saratoga Springs highlights the forgotten people and places that helped shape the city. Community-based organization MLK Saratoga came up with the project with the hopes of inspiring people of all ages to discover Saratoga’s story of “all of us.”

With the map as your guide, you must follow the clues to discover each location. From the oldest African American church in Saratoga to tributes in Congress Park, the map provides treasure hunt hints for ten locations in the city that people must identify.

Source: MLK Saratoga

The history hint for location #9 reads: With deep roots in Saratoga Springs, this 1845 building is an important hub for the African American community. This “Westside” landmark is located on a street known for noisy, bright summer events, as well as fun and fine dining in the darling cottages and turn-of-the-century buildings that line it.

Can you guess it? Here are the answers!