HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For more than two decades, Eric Doerfler has been creating unique haunted attractions in his yard. This year he’s tweaking the setup in order to safely continue the tradition.

Since Doerfler’s children were little, he started taking Halloween to the next level with his spooky creations.

Located on 38 Notre Dame Street in Hudson Falls, his house has now become well known in the community.

He says he used to be scared of horror, but making the attractions helped him not only get over his fear, but it became therapeutic. Now, he loves scaring other people.

In 2018, Doerfler even created a maze for his Halloween attraction. See the slideshow below:

This year he took away the walk-through aspect, creating a drive-by attraction instead, so folks can walk or drive by and get spooked out at a safe social distance.

The solar-power circus-themed drive-by setup can be enjoyed on weekends and nights leading up to Halloween.

Here’s a slideshow of this year’s attraction at night:

Doerfler says he is still putting the finishing touches on the attraction.

Doerfler’s daughter, who now works as a horror writer, reached out to NEWS10 to tell us about her father’s tradition.

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